Sofa & Carpet Cleaning

Every product is different in how it wants to be cleaned. Carpets lose their freshness, bounce and softness if not regularly deep cleaned. Our cleaning system leaves your carpets cleaner, deodorized, rejuvenated and protected against future spills while, at the same time, extending their life. Our professional sofa and carpet cleaning service promises is designed to extend proper treatment and care to your furniture so it always remains clean. With modern cleaning equipment, our experts clean your carpets and sofas so they retain their shine for a long time.

Our cleaning methods deploy imported tools to sanitize every nook and cranny of your furniture. With environmentally-conscious approach, we use only gentle detergents to treat your furniture such that it doesn’t pose a risk to your health.

  • Cleaned furniture ready to use in a couple of hours
  • Smell-free furniture
  • Modern cleaning equipment
  • Eco-friendly treatment to ensure sofas and carpets are not damaged
  • If you have special instructions, please write on your order.