About Us

Adorning you with spotless and bright clothes!

Rajat Drycleaners, founded in 1951 started as a small venture with alot of hardwork and dedication, which till date continues to serve its basic motive of providing quality of work which stands out in the Tricity till date.

“We use Latest technology machines and internationally standardized chemicals for quality cleaning. With an added feature of online ordering and free pick-up and delivery within 24 hours, we expect to reach every household in our vicinity”

We provide washing, dry cleaning, steam ironing and other value added services to make your life free of laundry hassles. Our staff consists of experts who have huge experience and knowledge of different types of fabrics and garments and know how to treat them. We ensure that we find a smile on your face with every service that we provide.

Sometimes, the best marketing comes from word of mouth, which means letting established customers encourage new people into the store. When our dry cleaner is the best there is, people will rave about it.

We make your clothes smile again! 🙂

Our Aim

The point behind the idea to present the Dry Cleaning administration on a more extensive level was to deliver a faultless and flawless closet to our important customers. Thereafter, with the favors of God and with the wholehearted steady help of all our strong labor, our Dry Cleaning privately-owned company began discovering extending its wings.

Our Target

Regular customers help create a reliable customer base as this is essentially a retail business, with repeat customers coming from the local area.

Many people are concerned by the chemicals used by traditional dry cleaners. Many consumers are also concerned by the environmental impact of this type of cloth cleaning. Our business uses less harsh chemicals and more organic cleaning methods while reducing its carbon footprint may be preferred such as the example of eco laundry cleaning.

Investing in quality instead of marketing can actually result in more customers to us.

Our Strengths

  • Our Strength, Our Representatives, Our Pride

We offer a relatively new, door to door service for dry cleaning and laundry, providing another choice for customers.

We provide quick and convenient service in order to save customer’s time.



As dry cleaning is necessary to protect your fabrics from the traditional washer and dryer and to remove stains permanently, We, Rajat DryCleaners, have the most recent progressed strategies and caring methods to clean and shield your garments from being harmed. We attempt our least to the best to delicately deal with our garments.


Steam ironing is considered to be a radical technique of removing wrinkles from the garments by producing heat. Being a prominent laundry service provider, Rajat Dry Cleaners provides the best steam ironing service for you stubborn wrinkled garments.


What do customers actually want when it comes to delivery? Of course pick-up and delivery at their comfort place. So, we provide you the same- free pick-up and delivery at your home spot.

How much can we charge customers?

The price per regular laundry ranges from Rs 130 to Rs 200 depending on whether the items need folding or pressing. Dry cleaning of items starts at 130 per item for shirts or blouses, 150 for pants, 350 for suits, and goes up to 1500 for a comforter.